Planet 1138 is now available on Steam, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

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• Build outposts, amass an army, and command your troops to victory without leaving the battle yourself.

• Seventeen mission single-player campaign with a robust upgrade system that rewards players for replaying levels against multiple different AI opponents.

• Full controller support on all platforms.

• Win battles through brilliant strategy, pure fighting skill, or a combination of both.

• Original music by Jason Heine of

Planet 1138 is a sequel to the popular indie game Conquest which was released on Xbox 360 in June 2011 by a two person team and garnered quite a loyal following of players.  In 2012 the developer relocated from a small Pennsylvania town to Tampa, FL and started Triskelia Games with the purpose of making a sequel. Planet 1138 is now available on Steam, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

Planet 1138 is an action strategy game by Triskelia Games. Players control a heavily armed ATV as they fight to destroy their opponents base while defending their own. Players can build outposts and turrets along the way in order to manufacture troops and amass an army they can command. Bases are protected by shield generators that must be disabled before they can be damaged. With Planet 1138's unique balance between action and strategy, players can win matches through pure skill, brilliant strategy, or a combination of both.